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Recognising and Helping Overweight and Obese Dogs

27th July 2018

Recognising and Helping Overweight and Obese Dogs We’ve all been...

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How to Keep your Dog Cool on a Hot Day

13th July 2018

I’ve been incredibly lucky to travel and live in many...

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Alleviating Travel Anxiety in Your Dog

29th June 2018

If you are a dog owner like myself, then you’ll...

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Dog and puppy house training – the modern way!

All dogs are pre-programmed to soil outside their nest, so in this respect puppies already have an instinct to move away from the nest at around 3 weeks of age to go to the toilet. With time, puppies will learn by themselves to be toilet trained. All we are doing is speeding up the process…

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Dog toys and playing with your dog or puppy

The importance of playing with your dog How you play with your dog (and how you don’t) makes a big difference on how your pet behaves, both in and out of play sessions. Playing can enhance your relationship, increase your dog’s willingness to do what you ask, teach emotional control, and in general make life…

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New puppy owners: What you need to know

Tips for getting a puppy If you’re either about to get a puppy or have recently added one of these four-legged creatures to your family, you know that pet ownership is about more than just going for walks and playing in the backyard. Indeed, there is a dizzying array of things that new puppy owners…

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