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Understand Dog Worm Symptoms and Infestation

Understanding Dog Worms Until very recently, dog worms were thought to be of a spontaneous origin, brought about by the influence of heat upon decaying vegetable matter and it was and still is freely asserted that puppies are born with dog worms inherited from the mother in some mysterious manner while still in uterus. This has been conclusively proven an error and in the minds of all scientists there is no question about dog worms springing from individual eggs and having a complete life history of their own. The principal... Read More

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Paying for Pet Emergencies: The importance of a financial plan for your dog

Why having a financial plan for you dog is important Getting a new dog is one of the most exciting and scariest things you’ll likely ever do (aside from having a child, or buying a house). That feeling that this little (or big) bundle of fluff is dependent on you for everything, their life quite literally in your hands. We all want our dogs to be happy, to run around, to play games, and to have fun with their new dog accessories. But have you ever thought about what would... Read More


Avoiding Common Dog Grooming Mistakes

Regardless of the breed of dog they have, most owners would never put grooming on a list of their favourite activities. Often dreams of the perfectly groomed pooch with dog accessories exhibiting flawless behaviour and capturing a top spot at your local dog show (or even Crufts?) collide with reality. Grooming at home can be challenging, difficult and messy with any of these five common mistakes, tempting you to bring out the small dog crate and take them to a professional. Mistake #1: Failing to Train the Dog for Grooming... Read More


How to Stop Destructive Dog Digging

Stop Destructive Dog Digging My dog makes me laugh. He usually has little interest in digging, until he sees me doing it. If I dig a hole in one area, I guarantee that if I turn around, he will be giving a hand somewhere else in the garden. So why do dogs like digging so much and why in some cases can this be seriously destructive and require corrective action? Dog Digging – Why? Our dogs early ancestors learnt the art of digging from an early age. They learned that... Read More

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Why does my dog guard food, toys and beds

Dogs’ Guarding Instincts Like humans, dogs understand the concept of possession and ownership of resources. Perhaps also like some humans, dogs can take excessive measures to guard these resources. The types of resources can be numerous, but the most common and problematic ones are usually food, objects (toys/chews etc) and particular locations such as their dog beds, your bed or their crate. Where resource guarding manifests itself in dangerous aggression, you should seek the advice of a professional behaviourist who can make a comprehensive assessment of the causes and develop... Read More

How Do Dogs Communicate

Congratulations! You’re on your way to having a happy, well-behaved dog. By committing time and energy to your dog’s training you have taken the first step in realising that well-behaved dogs are made, not born. Weeks of learning will become years of good manners. Dogs do not know right from wrong, nor can they read your mind. You have to teach your dog what is proper behaviour and what is not. The biggest hurdle is explaining to our dogs what we want, whether that be getting into their raised dog... Read More

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5 Benefits of Dog Boots

If you mentioned having boots for your dog 10 years ago, everyone would think you were crazy! But, the popularity of dog booties has grown recently and not just because your furry friend will look adorable in them. In fact, dog boots are more about function and not just fun dog accessories and fashion. While dogs do have thick pads on their feet, they are not invincible. There are times when having boots on your dog’s paws is going to give them the extra protection that they need. So, let’s... Read More