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Pet Care Tips During the Summer Season

This summer, there’s a better way to take care of your furry friend!  The summer season has always been fun for us. We’ve longed to go to the beach and sport our favourite summer outfits. It is an exciting time, but it says otherwise for our pets as the hot weather may threaten them.  Like humans, our companion animals have limited tolerance to extreme weather conditions. Their safety and well-being are just as important as ours. That’s why we’ve come up with the following tips for better pet care during... Read More

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5 Reasons Why A Dog Leash Is Important

If you are considering getting a dog leash for your pet, this post will help you know that you are making the right choice! “It’s time for a W-A-L-K!”–the infamous word that wiggles your dog’s tail. But before doing the same activity together, remember the essential item: his dog leash before heading out the door. The leash laws apply in different nations, requiring dog owners to keep their pets on a leash when out in public. The rules vary by location and are often more severe for other breeds legally recognised. There... Read More


5 Best Dog Toys for 2022

Are you planning to buy dog toys for your furry friend?  Here are some things to consider first! We all know how dogs are incredibly playful. They like chewing things and wagging tails when they see something they want. But sometimes, they might even destroy one of your precious pairs of slippers. The aggressive behaviour is part of their canine instincts, which seems dangerous if there is no proper outlet. This is where pet-friendly dog toys come into the picture. They are perfect for your canines to play and chew endlessly. But... Read More

5 Effective Ways To Mentally Stimulate Your Dog

Don’t we all love spending time with our dog because he’s like a member of our own family? Their loyalty deserves the care and attention we often fail to provide. And as pet owners, it is our prime responsibility to keep our pooch fit and active mentally and physically. Like us, our furry friends are also social creatures and can get bored quickly. So if you care for your dog, you must indulge together in various fun activities to keep your pet entertained. In return, it will provide your dog... Read More

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Symptoms of Worms in Dogs

Did you know that most puppies are born with dog worms inherited from their mother’s uterus? There is no scientific evidence yet, but worms in pets spring from individual eggs and transform into life. Dogs can also get the infestation while drinking contaminated milk, rolling on the soil, getting tick bites, or consuming infected animals’ faeces or vomit––so beware of your activities with your furry friend. Understanding types of worms  The worm species, such as tapeworms and roundworms, were most likely to attack your pets. Roundworms live in small intestines... Read More

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Paying for Pet Emergencies: The Importance of Financial Planning

Let’s admit it, getting a new dog is one of the most exciting and scariest things you’ll ever likely do (aside from having a child or buying a house). That exhilarating feeling is that this bundle of joy depends on you. All you want is your pet to be happy, run around, play games, and have fun with its new dog accessories. And as a pet owner, you must deal with the reality of your canine getting hurt or sick. Ask yourself, “Would you be financially able to cover the cost of... Read More


5 Common Dog Grooming Mistakes To Avoid

Do you often dream of having a perfectly groomed pooch with dog accessories exhibiting flawless behaviour and capturing a top spot at your local dog show (or even Crufts)? Regardless of this dream, most pet owners can relate that grooming is their least favourite activity. Grooming at home can be challenging, complicated and messy, but you can only avoid the drama by preventing these mistakes:   Mistake #1: Failing to train your dog for grooming Training is essential to avoid a mess, a potential injury or anxiety for both of you. Start... Read More


How To Stop Destructive Dog Digging

My dog makes me laugh. He usually has little interest in digging until he sees me doing it. Suppose I dig a hole in one area. In that case, I guarantee that if I turn around, he will give me a hand somewhere else in the garden.—if this is you right now, you may ask, “Why do dogs like digging so much? “Why can it be seriously destructive?” We hear you, and we believe these require corrective actions. The Instinctual Behavior of Dog Digging Dogs have been digging at an... Read More

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Why does my dog guard food, toys and beds

Dogs’ Guarding Instincts Like humans, dogs understand the concept of possession and ownership of resources. Perhaps also like some humans, dogs can take excessive measures to guard these resources. The types of resources can be numerous, but the most common and problematic ones are usually food, objects (toys/chews etc) and particular locations such as their dog beds, your bed or their crate. Where resource guarding manifests itself in dangerous aggression, you should seek the advice of a professional behaviourist who can make a comprehensive assessment of the causes and develop... Read More

How To Understand Your Dog’s Language

Well-behaved dogs are made, not born. So if you’re reading this right now, congratulations! You’re on your way to having a happy, well-behaved dog. By committing time and energy to your dog’s training, you’ve taken the first step in realising that weeks of learning will become years of good manners. Dogs don’t know right from wrong, so you must teach them the proper behaviour. The biggest hurdle for pet owners like us is getting into their raised dog bed or following simple commands. Most of us aren’t born knowing how to train dogs, but... Read More